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How does the free year add to my domain work?
When transferring a domain to your NameSilo account you will pay the transfer fee as shown on our pricing page, and, upon transfer completion, one year will be added to the expiration date of the domain.** This extra year is added at no additional cost to you. For example, if your domain expires on December 1, 2019, upon transfer completion the domain will expire December 1, 2020.

One mistake we see many people make is to wait until their domains are very close to the expiration date before transferring thinking that they will lose any time remaining with their domains if they transfer before the expiration date. This is not necessary. When transferring domains there is absolutely no time lost. Again, 1 year is added to the existing expiration date of transfer completion.

** The only times the extra year is not added to the expiration date is if the domain had been renewed at the previous registrar within 45 days of the transfer (You can find complete details about this issue here), or if adding the extra year would exceed the maximum number of years permitted by the registry/ICANN (typically 10 years).

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Transfer Steps:
Get the EPP keys or Authorization info from your Domain Registrars. Once you have requested the key, check your email. 

Namesilo transfer many domains each day from other registrars.

(1) How to transfer a domain from Godaddy – Namecheap support

(2) How to transfer a domain from Godaddy – video

(3) How to transfer a domain away from Godaddy – Click Namesilo video

Begin transfer your domains and get one FREE year added to the time remaining on your existing registration

  • Login here.
  • Click the ‘Transfer’ on top menu
For a Single Domain Transfer
  • Add your domain you want to transfer – click search
For Multiple Domain Transfer
  • Add up to 500 domains you want to transfer – click submit
  • Add the Authorization code you received on your email.
  • Click button ‘Transfer These Domains’.  Next,
  • Select WHOIS Privacy(free).
  • Add coupon codes ‘nstransfers‘  or “getdomaincodes” without a quote into the Coupon or Promotion Code box.
  • Click Continue. That’s it.
The final step is to click on the confirmation link sent to you by Namesilo.

NS Transfer

* Remember the final step is to click on the confirmation link sent to you by Namesilo.

The Below Coupons Can Be Used For One Time Only. 

This is because the renewal rate each year is very cheap already. 
  1. Life Time Coupon Code one-time use code: nstransfers
  2. Life Time Coupon Code one-time use code: getdomaincodes 


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